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FABRICS is a group of experienced apparel care technicians, customer managers, strategists, communicator designers based in Manhattan, New York. We work in the heart of the dry cleaning industry. In other words, as expected from the brand name of FABRICS, we provide all services from understanding the materials that make up the customer’s attire. The element of material identification is texture(cloth), design(brand), comprehension of label. We provide maintenance processes for valuable clothing owned by our customers. Given all the services until the moment the garment is wearing.

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Professional Dry Cleaning

It is a major service of FABRICS. We will present the premiere service to our customers through specialists' particular process for freshness and neatness of garment.

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Sophisticated Tailoring

Tailoring's deeper understanding begins with how clothes are made. FABRICS apply sophisticated solutions that take into account trend and material.

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Pick Up/Delivery

FABRICS offers a Pickup / Delivery for our customers of west downtown areas in Manhattan.

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Awesome cleaner!

"Dry cleaners are one of my routines. I hope I can actually go and get pleasure and inspire anything. We look forward to well-made Dry Cleaners 'FABRICS' in our neighborhood.”


Great Team! Great service! Also, Great Process! The city needs a reliable dry cleaner, especially at this time."

I love it.

"Love the way they paid special attention to specifics when I needed. This is top-notch dry cleaning! I would recommend FABRICS to everyone."

Great services.

“I had a bad experience many times before. So, I often was avoiding some dry cleaners for my Luxury clothing. But I can't wait for FABRICS Professional Dry Cleaners. Because they are with knowledge and experience of the brand”

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